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  • 3-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: With the detachable air mesh wall, the unilove Hug Me Plus bassinet can easily be transformed from a stand-alone bassinet...

Product description

  • 3-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: With the detachable air mesh wall, the unilove Hug Me Plus bassinet can easily be transformed from a stand-alone bassinet into a co-sleeping bed. It brings you and your little one closer, keeping her/him safely within reach. It’s your best friend when your little one needs something to eat or a quick cuddle during the night. Besides, since it's lightweight, it is also perfect for traveling.
  • 7 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS AND ANGLE POSITIONS: Ideal to accommodate multiple use scenarios, suitable for most beds, sofas, or other places. From now on, you can change your little ones’ diapers without bending over, as well as create a slight incline to prevent your baby from spilling milk. Height adjustment of 13"-19.6" measured from mattress to the ground.
  • AIR MESH ON TWO SIDES & QUICK TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY: The large mesh panels on both sides allow for great air ventilation and visibility of your baby. You can see your baby from all angles with peace of mind. In addition, it can be easily installed in just 4 steps without any additional tools. Video instructions are also available.
  • FIRM 1.2" MATTRESS & SKIN FRIENDLY FABRIC: The mattress is made of ecofriendly and breathable 3D vertical cotton for optimal comfort. It provides high resilience, protects the baby's growing spine, and additional support for up to 20% of the baby's weight to make sure they're always comfortable. Besides, the skin-friendly fabric is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin, giving your baby the coziest sleeping space possible. The entire cloth cover is machine washable.
  • SECURITY & STABILITY: Unilove Hug Me Plus outperforms ordinary standards in every aspect. It uses a high-strength and lightweight aluminum frame, which is not easy to dump and easy to move. You can also attach the safety straps under the bed, providing even greater safety when you need it most. Our Bedside Sleeper is suitable for newborns and infants of up to 6 months or 30 pounds.

    A. Easy Conversion

    The detachable bar allows you to switch from bedside sleeper to standing bassinet with ease. Quick access allows you to comfort or nurse your baby in mere seconds.

    B. Extra Security

    The hooks of the mattress fixed to the nest support bar bring extra security and safety. The bassinet can safely support up to 30 pounds.

    C. 7 Level Height Adjustment

    Suitable for sofas and adult beds. It’s easy to adjust the height and angles with the patented locking system from 12" to 19.6" (from the mattress to the ground).

    D. Foot Stabilizing Bar

    In addition to using premium material to make the crib more durable, the stabilizing bar also further enhances stability.

    E. Front wheels & Extendable Stands

    The front wheels roll smoothly with a 360 degree range of motion, and the telescoping feet will keep your baby close

    F. Break System

    Safety hooks on every wheel not only insure your baby’s safety but also lets them sleep sweet and sound.

What We Care For The Next Generation

3D vertical cotton is a non-toxic and skin-friendly choice for your baby. It is also elastic, breathable, easy to clean, holds its shape well over time and doesn't discolor easily.

Your baby's safety and comfort are our #1 priority, so we use air mesh on both sides of the crib and breathable materials throughout the bed.

Unilove combines the words "Unique" and "Love" because we believe that every Love is Unique, especially the love that each parent has for their children. With this in mind, we have developed products that can be used in multiple ways with maximum durability. This is a key part of our commitment to Unique Love.

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