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Baby Shusher — Uses A Real Human Voice

Lull your baby to sleep with a calming shush that uses a real human voice — freeing...

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Baby Shusher — Uses A Real Human Voice

Lull your baby to sleep with a calming shush that uses a real human voice — freeing up your precious time.

The perfect gift for your next baby shower and any first-time parent!

Natural Calming Reflex

With engaging the natural calming reflex of your baby, the Baby Shusher stops crying by using a parenting technique made popular by Dr. Harvey Karp in his, Happiest Baby on the Block book. The Baby Shusher incorporates the fourth ‘S’ presented in Dr. Karp’s book — shushing. Drawing on time-tested practices, the Baby Shusher presents loud, rhythmic shushing noises to help your baby back to sleep.

Rhythmic Shushing

The Baby Shushers rhythmic shush reminds your baby of being inside mom, where they were inundated 24 hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner). What may sound harsh at first is very calming to your baby.

Versatile and Portable Design

Small, compact, and easy to clean, your Baby Shusher’s portable design can be used in the car, visiting friends and family, and even everyday important things like grocery shopping. We know baby’s will cry anywhere and the Baby Shusher is there for you anytime you need to soothe your bundle of joy.


Safely Stop Your Baby From Crying with Baby Shusher — The Sleep Miracle!

This revolutionary tool for parents uses an ancient, rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby. Get much-needed sleep, for you and your baby, with the Baby Shusher!

“The Baby Shushers have been a lifesaver and a game-changer. Nurses, techs, lab, anyone who has to come in the room and disrupt a sleeping baby can now easily calm them back down by just turning on the Shusher. It’s amazing how easily these babies respond to them.”

- A Pediatric Cardiac Nurse

"Seeing the Baby Shusher in action is like watching magic! My daughter will calm down, focus, and remain relaxed the whole time it is on. Incredible!"

- Elizabeth Coran, Mother of a child with Congenital Heart Disease

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